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From: Irene MacDonald, WA.

Me and Jack

Well girls, I am about to mention something that we all love. Something we always go out shopping for and absolutely adore: and that is clothes. We all want to buy great looking clothes, wear them, shop for them and look great in them!
Buying gorgeous outfits is fun and every woman loves it and always will love it!

We are all similar in this respect. And you know what? – Men love it too, they also love looking good and showing off their fashion! And of course our kids always feel       
great when they have a drawer full of clothes they can change into at anytime.

Just look at the big department stores – they never stop selling clothes and make big profits every day from doing it! Have you ever seen a clothes department that had no shoppers? No, it is always full of hungry and curious customers! Try getting into a big store when the sales are on for that elusive bargain.

Now look at the Google’s statistics: over 40 million searches a month for the word “clothes” and its variations – from people who want to shop for clothes on-line.

So, don’t you think that selling clothes is the greatest business for a woman? You’ll never run out of business – because people never stop buying clothes. I personally deeply believe that this business is the best and I love it! And I guarantee you will love it too!
I feel great having so much clothing around me all the time ranging between different sizes and styles, and I can choose anything I want and look great anytime and anywhere!
More importantly it is very profitable to be a clothes seller. I can’t imagine me having a job anymore. No job can bring me as much money as my clothes re-selling business can for the little time I spend doing it.

Plus I get to travel everywhere! And traveling was something I could not even think about or afford when I had a job. And I can also help my relatives and close friends with  fantastic bargains all the time! Many of them even stopped working now and they  follow me along the same path of selling clothes! And they all love it too!

                                                                                                                                              Me and my cousin in France Feb 08I

I am not a guru and I am not a person who speaks on a stage selling expensive packages on how to become rich and so on. I am a real woman who makes a real income from just one thing – selling clothes.

Of course you are probably interested in knowing  how much money I make doing this, as people often ask me this very question.

My answer is: the net profit (only profit, not including expenses) varies from month to month, which depends on the buying activity and the overall expenses of running the business. On average I make from $7000 to $8000 month, just on eBay. Plus Internet and off-line sales makes me even more   And this is real profit, no expenses included.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Big camping in Europe April 08                  
The income will increase around Christmas time and many other holidays such as Easter, it could even double or triple! This is wonderful as I now get to spend more money on buying Christmas presents for my loved ones! There are slow times which last for a week or two. But in my lowest months I still made over $5000 a month overall profit .
I sell clothes not just on e-bay and it is only  one part of my business. I also sell clothes on the Internet and off-line (no, I don’t have a clothes store, like many people think). There are many other ways to sell clothes which are very profitable and you don’t need to have a proper store. These ways are easy and any woman can do it. It is that easy and fun!

I guarantee you will love it too. Moreover you will find a purpose in life and do things you really love to do. And this is extremely important for a woman.

I know all this because I was not always a clothes re-seller. About 3  years ago I was completely broke: I had no money, a broken relationship (I was badly betrayed by my partner), two little kids, a cat and a dog (who also needed to be supported) and no job to bring me proper income (some causal work which didn’t bring in enough money even to buy food for my kids and my pets).

After trying many jobs and still not having enough money to survive I started looking at other alternatives to make money. I looked and tried many business opportunities with little success; you know, the Party Plan thing for other people, Amway, Avon, etc.

I remember I was constantly asking myself: ”What can I sell that people would like to buy all the time from me, where I kept most of the profit?”

Initially I thought maybe food is a good product people always needed to buy food. But then I thought:” Where could I sell it, I definitely would have needed a food shop to sell it, plus I would need to meet all these health regulation to be able to sell food.”

So, what else do people always need?” – I thought: Clothes. This was my second, and final thought. I made a decision to learn as much as I could about selling clothes: I talked to shop owners and e-bay sellers, attended classes, read books and tried to implement different things and suggestions.
In a few months after the time it took to learn I managed to sell my first big bulk of women and children clothes. The final result was OK - I made a substantial amount of money for a learner. So then I got even more stuff, and implemented more selling strategies to sell it. My effort was rewarding – I started making more and more money.

Finally, I began to feel confident in myself again and got this overwhelming sense of clarity in my mind and soul. Boy! this was a great feeling, one of certainty and security again. This was so important for me and it was something I was craving for all my life. I would never exchange these feelings for anything else.

You may be asking how difficult it would be to start a business like this, how to get it  working for you and was it really hard for me? The answer is, it was not very difficult but it did take time and effort.

Initially I had to force myself to do the things, motivate myself to continue and not give up.

But in a few months when I noticed the money coming in, I felt really excited and wanted to do more. Every morning I woke up ready to plan what I was going to do next for my clothes business, it was exciting.
I had achieved my independence and a good life style I always dreamed about and I simply wanted to keep the ball rolling.

You are probably interested in how much time I spend working on my business. Well, it takes me about half an hour to check my sales on the Internet every morning, another half an hour to put more listings on the site, then talking to suppliers (not every day) takes from a few minutes to half an hour. Packing & posting can take some time, but I don’t do it anymore personally. I pay my children some money to do the packaging and posting for me. Some of my relatives help me as well, plus they also run their own clothes selling business being inspired by my success.

  Here is what my cousin Rebecca said:
I am amazed how Irene changed her life in just a matter of months by using this simple idea of selling clothes. Her life was really a struggle from the beginning.

We thought she was the most unfortunate of all of us, there was always something happened to her: never choose the right man, never got a good job, gave up on things easily and was always held back.

But now look at her – successful and a happy girl. - What else can you say?

Moreover she inspired us to do the same. And we do it very successfully too following her selling strategies and contacts.
                                                                                                                                                      Me and Beck (Christmas 2007)
I now replaced my income and stopped working at a job 6 month ago, so did my other sister (and she had a good job, she was a nurse at the hospital).

I think that selling clothes is the best business ever, because people always buy them and need them, doesn’t matter what the economy is doing.

Irene is good at marketing her clothes. She knows what goes with what, when is the right time and place to sell particular clothes, where to get the cheapest possible stuff. Some clothes she gets so cheap – you wouldn’t believe it. All thanks to her communication style and desire to ask for more.

We learn so much from Irene we have never learned in our whole life. She really found what she loves to do and gave us the opportunity to do the same.
Rebecca T., NSW, Central Coast



Thanks to my family for supporting and following me. But now I want to share my knowledge not just with my family members but all women who are interested in making money by selling clothes.
I have written down everything I know and my experience in a book, which I deliver in a form of CD-ROM PDF. I am sure you will learn a lot from it because I share in the book my 12 major secrets for successfully selling clothes.

I am sure that you can do the same and even better than me. Because every woman deserves a better life (even if you think you are OK at the moment, you still can do much better – we all have potential for improvement).

I am offering you just one proven way to put your life on to a higher level of financial and emotional happiness. To me it is selling clothes on Internet, e-bay and off-line and it can be for you too.

Here is what you will learn:

1. The secrets of selling clothes on the Internet that are vital to success. Don’t jump into buying huge bulk of clothes until you fully understand this one and make it the cornerstone of your business! (see Page 5)

2. What kind of advertisements to use to sell clothes successfully? Find out how the big players actually do their advertisements and why they always sell. (see page 13 ,16, 17)

3. Why pricing your clothes incorrectly can kill your sales. (Not to mention your credibility… see page 10)

4. Find out for yourself what the millionaire clothes sellers have known for years about seasonal selling! Don’t even think about selling clothes without implementing this “secret element” in your business.

5. Why selling clothes off-line (I don’t mean in a shop) will boost your profits by 47%. Discover ways of selling clothes off-line without having a store, where you actually sell your clothes and drive qualified traffic to your on-line stores to buy more and more from you.

6. How to “make money when you buy”? Find out where and how to buy clothes for a very cheap price, local and overseas, so you can ensure yourself that you make profit all the time (even in slow times). Get a valuable list of many-many places where you will get clothes for very cheap. (page 13-15)

7. Why negotiating is extremely important in running a successful clothing business. Learn what to say when you are talking to people about buying or selling clothes.
                                                                                                                     Buy this T shirt for $3,75 delivered to your door, sell for $15 to $25

8. The secret of doing research before selling particular clothes you must know. Don’t even start selling clothes without doing proper research. Discover 6 strategies of clothes selling research. (page 3-4-5)

9. What makes selling clothes on e-bay so successful? Find out the secrets of selling clothes on e-bay. Implementing of these secrets guarantees you from 98% to 100% sale rate on e-bay. (page 18)

10. How to make your business stand out from all other business on the Internet and on e-bay so that people will prefer to buy from you (not from other sellers). Don’t even consider starting a business without knowing this secret because the competition for selling clothes is big. (Learn how to do it on page 19-20)

11. Why “marketing is king”? Find out the secrets of “fashion marketing” that 99% of people on e-bay don’t even realize.

12. Find out the secrets of “continuous sales” or how to make one person buy from you over and over again instead of just one single sale.( page 39)

13. How to make your business “viral” – or how to make people talk about your business and drive free qualified traffic to your e-bay stores. (page 48)

                                                                                                                         Buy this bikini for $3,95 delivered to your door, sell for $20- $25  

Do you think you would be able to do it after getting all this great knowledge?

I deeply believe that after reading the book, at the very least it will open your eyes to the possibilities and you will see the opportunity to buy and sell clothes from a different prospective.
But if you add on some determination and effort and you will become a very successful business woman. Guaranteed!!!

So, why is my book so different from the rest of “how to’s’:

1. It is because I am offering you a business that already has a proven niche (clothes). You don’t have to think or guess “Oh, what can I sell to make a profitable business?” or leave you to fend for yourself with no idea what to sell, or where to get stuff to sell.

2. Because this is a product that people need all the time, does not matter how the economy goes, what season it is and how much competition is around.

3. Because your market is not just a small group of people – your market is all people, basically everyone. Just follow what is in fashion and  in season you are selling for. But don't forget when it is summer here - it is winter somewhere else, so you can sell all clothes all year around just target different countries - this is the beauty of the Internet.

4. Because this business is not expensive to start. I’ll teach you a strategy where you can get access to clothes for free and only when you sell them - you will pay a small percentage from selling  them. And it is so easy you will be surprised. This was the method I started doing first.

5. Because this is a specific niche and only suitable for all people who love clothes. So, if you don’t love clothes you don’t really qualify.

Also, I want to make this clear. This book is not for everyone. If you are not willing to try starting a new business of selling clothes – please do not buy this book.

And if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you can sit back and just wait for things to happen by themselves …then think again. It is not going to happen.

I only want genuine people to buy the book, who are willing to implement the strategies and improve their lives for the better.

So here is my offer:

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 This is what you get with the electronic download.

My book “How to Make Money While you Sleep by Selling Clothes on line

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P.S. And just imagine, next Monday morning, instead of getting up early and battling the traffic to work, you wake up at a time that suits you. You have a leisurely breakfast, turn on your computer and go and check how much money you've made overnight by selling clothes. Then you plan how many packages you need to send today. And after finishing this part of your day you just put on your best clothes and make up and off you go. Go shopping, visiting friends or relatives, taking the kids to places and anything else you like to do. The time is yours and so is the money.

P.P.S I also give you an unbelievable guarantee, if you do not make back 10 times the money you paid from buying my Sell clothes books after 12 months, then I will pay you back 15 times what you spent on my book originally. That's correct we are so sure you can not fail we will pay you back 15 times your money. Just show me what you have done, what you have tried, and what you have implemented using my information over the 12 months and if you have failed and not made back 10 times your outlay for the book, then I will happily give you15 times your money back.  

Believe in yourself and your potentials.

With all my love and passion.

Irene Macdonald.
                                                   Me and Andrew (my youngest) Jan 07


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